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Table Tents - The Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Size

Plastic Sign HoldersWhen it comes to displaying information to your customers in a convenient way, Table Tents and sign holders are the way to go. These versatile paper or photo holders protect the images and information they contain, extending the life of the media in a way other displays lack. Made of easy-to-clean acrylics, they provide a clear view of your flyer, photo or other advertising material.

The many designs of Table Tent and sign holders that are available allow businesses to choose from a wide range of products. Businesses like restaurants often use variations of these displays to menus, specials, desserts and wine selections. It is an easy way to put a lot of information in front of your customer without overwhelming them.

One of the most noticeable items on a desktop is called a table tent. They are wonderful looking little pieces of paper used for various purposes and placed on the top of a desk. Mostly, they are in the shape of a triangle. They come in many designs and colors. They may be used for specific purposes as well. They may be used as a calendar, a reminder or even a list of motivational quotations.

One of the reasons is beautiful and attractive Custom Table Tents print designs. They are designed in accordance with the purposed of their usage. They are also geared at improving business identity in a relatively easy manner. These designs must also be conspicuous and attractive in order to gain attention from their users. This wonderful product has gained importance due to its wonderful uses, one of which is their usage as a tool for marketing.

Custom Table Tents and sign holders perform well in temporary venues as well as permanent ones. Trade shows, flea markets, craft fairs and other large gatherings where businesses set up booths with displays are perfect examples. Table tents or sign holders can direct visitor’s attention to products, literature and samples leaving the booth attendant free to talk to the people.

Counter top sign holders are a must have to increase awareness of the products and services a company offers. For retail and commercial environments, clear Acrylic Sign Holders are designed to project your promotional message and generate new business. These holders are most commonly seen on retail counters or in food service establishments, functioning as table tents.

Counter top displays are often used to advertise new product promotions, special events, designer brands, restaurant menus, daily specials and much more. Whatever your particular industry is, there is an Acrylic Sign Holders to meet your marketing, presentation, or promotional need.

Plastic Sign Holders will save your restaurant money because they will protect these signs and keep them from having food and drinks spilled on them, ketchup wiped on them and little grubby fingers smudged on them. Even if a baby picks it up and chews on it, you will not need to replace it, just wipe it down and you're ready for the next customer.

Acrylic Sign HoldersA single sign holder is enough for 12x12 inches signs and if the sign is 18-24 inches then two holders can be provided. These pieces can hold.100" thickness of sheets. The acrylic versions are rigid and attractive. The textures and color of the acrylic holders can be chosen to match the walls on which the panels would be fitted.

These Plastic Sign Holders are designed according to a widely accepted design that fits any and most panels easily. The panel consists of top lip, which easily slides into the panel grove. The construction is flexible enough to allow changes to the signage. Then you can slide the new sign in the panel without having to adjust the Sign Holders.

The open design of the device enables to slide the signage from the sides or top of the panel. To match the background decor, acrylic Sign Holders are available. These acrylic versions undergo rigid manufacturing process that improves the shell life of these products. The acrylic varieties are available in a range of color and texture.

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